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Securing the Family While in Rehabilitation

Most rehab centers have included family therapy as part of treatment programs to quicken the recovery. The family offers a good support system for recovering patients during and after the programs. Moreover, family therapy offers healing to family members as addiction affects everyone. However, different rehab centers have different regulations when it comes to family therapy. Securing your family to make sure their lives are not majorly affected is essential. At drug rehab Austin, one recovers fully in a serene environment. Family therapy techniques used are:

  • Communication therapy
  • Strategic therapy
  • Transgenerational therapy
  • Relationship counseling
  • Narrative therapy

Various ways to secure your family include;

Child care options

Various arrangements are made before committing to a rehab center. One may consult with the school if there are boarding options. Also, one may decide to involve close friends, siblings, or neighbors to care for the children while away. Additionally, there are government and non-profit organizations that assist in child care for parents in recovery. Some of these organizations may require you to pay child support if they are underfunded. Also, it is crucial to consult with legal counsel in case of any required presentations in court hearings.

Pet care options

It is uncommon for rehab centers to allow pets to live with the patient while undergoing treatment. Rehab centers that allow pets tend to be more expensive because of the extra care. Pet sitters are hired to take care of pets that need less attention, such as cats. It is recommended to hire a pet sitter who has a good background with pets. A good pet sitter can notice physical signs that may warrant a check-up with the veterinarian. Also, it is more convenient to leave contact with the animal clinic your pet visits.

Financial help

Drug and alcohol recovery can be expensive and strain your pockets, especially if the income is lost. Talking with employers and creditors can help ease the financial burdens. An employer may agree to pay half if not the full paycheck during the entire recovery period. Additionally, speaking to creditors before committing to a rehab center will offer flexibility to increase the grace period. Some health insurance plans help to reduce treatment costs.

Alternatively, one may decide to ask for donations from close friends and colleagues to cater to the family’s living expenses while you are in recovery. While selecting an appropriate treatment center, inquire if payment plans are available to finance payment before, during, and after the program.

Communication and visitation

Different rehab centers offer regulations regarding the communication and visitation rights of patients. The regulations differ according to the patient’s stability, the family situation, and the center’s protocol. Care packages may be allowed after the staff has verified the contents are not harmful to the patient’s overall health. Recovering addicts are permitted to communicate with their families after stabilization to prevent triggers.

Visitation may be allowed to family members and friends on the checklist which the counselor has approved. The length of visitation differs with most rehab centers. At the same time, check-in with the rehab centers if the visitation programs permit you and your family to communicate throughout

Family members, too, have a role in ensuring that you, as the patient, have a smooth recovery process. The family is involved in developing the treatment plan as they know the patient’s behavioral habits. Also, the family should be aware of the patient’s diagnosis and be supportive in achieving goals. Moreover, for patients in outpatient programs, the family can help monitor symptoms and report to doctors and counselors. The family plays a key role in ensuring the patient takes the drug and finishes the prescription.

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