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Why you Should Get Regular Dental Cleaning

Regular dental checkups are essential to get dental cleaning and overall dental health checkup. You must visit your dentist at least twice every year or as recommended by your dentist.

What to Expect During Your Dental Visit?

A regular dental visit usually includes checkup or examination and oral prophylaxis or cleaning. Your dentist will check your teeth for cavities. They may take an X-ray to detect cavities between your teeth. Also, the dentist will check for plaque and tartar on your teeth. Plaque is a clear, sticky layer of bacteria that can harden and become tartar if not removed. Brushing and flossing alone cannot remove tartar. Your dental checkup will also include an examination of your tongue, face, head, neck, and throat to find signs of swelling, redness, or potential signs of cancer.

After the examination, your teeth will be cleaned at your visit. During the teeth cleaning, your dentist will use special tools to remove tartar. Then, they may polish your teeth using a gritty paste. And to ensure the areas between your teeth are clean, your dental professional will use floss.

Importance of Regular Professional Dental Cleaning

A regular tooth cleaning offers you the following benefits:

  • Disease prevention. Giving your gums and the area or edges where your teeth and gums meet a complete clean is not easy to do at home. Very small pieces of food can be logged in these hard-to-reach areas. When left untreated, they can be a potential for gum disease. Regular teeth cleaning keeps you on the right track for dental and oral health while ensuring issues are detected early.

  • Improved overall health. A lot of people think that tooth infections and gum disease are only related to your mouth. But, did you know that mouth issues can spread and become general infections? Gum disease has been associated it other health problems such a heart disease and diabetes. Thus, getting your teeth cleaned by your dentist regularly also promotes better overall health.
  • Renewed confidence. A clean mouth and smile can make you feel great. You will gain the confidence of knowing your teeth and smile are the best they can be. Although there are many over-the-counter alternatives, professional dental cleaning is the safest and most effective method of removing stains and polishing your teeth.
  • Bad breath prevention. While good oral hygiene provides you with fresh breath, bacteria and plaque escape daily brushing and flossing. Professional teeth cleaning can keep your mouth healthy and free of odor.

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