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Which is better: Ayurveda, Modern Medicine, or Both?

Modern times have seen the advent of a diverse range of new lifestyle and pathogenic diseases. As we advance more and more in the field of medicine, more unique health challenges arise every day that increase the complexities of healthcare in India.  The medical fraternity has always strived to meet the challenges of maintaining public health. As newer medicine and healthcare methods are being developed, the dilemma of whether to prefer modern medicine or Allopathy or Natural medicine or Ayurveda continues to prevail. Both medical systems come with their own set of characteristics and benefits, and choosing one over the other would mean undermining the capabilities of each.

Modern Medicine and its Benefits

Modern medicines focus on symptom management of diseases. Allopathic treatments are life saviours in case of medical emergencies. Many situations, like cardiac arrest, severe diarrhoea, jaundice, blood loss, dengue, asthma, etc., may need immediate medical intervention in the form of injections to provide quick relief from the pain. These injections are pure chemical solutions that may or may not have several side effects. It will depend upon an individual’s body response and intensity of the ailment.

Dr Trehan Medanta, its Chairman and Managing Director, has said that modern medical treatment, such as radiotherapy and surgery, is effective but expensive and can have side effects. The modern medical system employs various therapies like antibiotics, surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation, which can be traumatic for patients. This brings to the forefront the choice of a moderating medical approach.

Ayurveda as a comprehensive treatment

Ayurvedic treatment balances the body and is well known as it tries to determine the root cause of the disease. It then aims to cure it completely with natural products, without any side effects. Ayurveda works from within the body. It reduces the need for intensive medical intervention and leads to a reduction in the overall cost of medical care. Ayurvedic therapy focuses on the natural process of healing and building immunity that takes time.

Ayurveda and Allopathy: A Powerful Combination

Indian medicine can significantly benefit by combining modern medical science with the jewels of herbal medicine. Renowned cardiovascular surgeon Dr Naresh Trehan has always emphasized the need to bring in the traditional Ayurvedic medicine system into Indian mainstream healthcare. This can help reduce the rising cost of healthcare in the country.

Dr Trehan Medanta has reiterated in his various speeches that medical research should develop innovative techniques for a combination of Ayurveda and allopathy to cure patients of various diseases. He believes such a combined treatment will reduce both the recovery time of the patient as well as reduce treatment costs. It is to be noted that the combined therapy of Ayurveda and allopathy can be effective in treating diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure, spine problems, skin conditions, degenerative disorders, and respiratory disorders.

Dr Naresh Trehan’s Medanta successfully brings both modern medicine and Ayurveda under one roof.  Medanta’s collaboration with AyurVAID Hospitals reinforces their belief in crafting customized therapeutic solutions. A combined approach ensures a holistic treatment of patients that eliminates the root cause of the ailment and provides sustained well-being.

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