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The Best Dermaroller To Eliminate Stretch Marks

Females used to develop stretch marks on their skin during puberty, pregnancy, or obesity. They are visible stripes or streaks on the abdomen. Men, who engage in bodybuilding, also experience stretch marks due to overstretching of the skin as they grow their muscles. These pesky lines and grooves are not harmful. However, you may feel unpleasant with their presence on breasts, thighs, lower back, upper arms, and stomach.

Some of the causes of stretch marks include pregnancy, bodybuilding, obesity, and medical conditions like Cushing’s Syndrome and Marfan Syndrome. You will lose skin elasticity because of the genetic condition Marfan Syndrome affecting your connective tissues. On the other hand, your skin will become fragile with rapid weight gain. Men and women, who use lotions and creams containing corticosteroids for a longer period, experience a drop in collagen in their skin. It results in a loss of elasticity and firmness. It leads to the development of stretch marks.

Stretch marks on the skin are an embarrassment for some people. It is prominent if you need to wear a loose gown on the beach during a party on the beach or a sexy gown to entice your boyfriend in the bedroom. Micro-needling is the best and proven method to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and enjoy intimate moments with your boyfriend.

Treatment for stretch marks

The color of the stretch marks will fade away over  some time. It may be difficult to eliminate stretch marks on your skin. However, one of the popular techniques to remove stretch marks is through a micro-needling process using a dermaroller.

The best dermaroller for stretch marks treatment consists of 192 medical-grade microneedles. You can use the dermaroller at home to prevent stretch marks on your skin naturally. It is a proven treatment and less invasive. You can improve your self-esteem by regularly using this treatment.

You need to clean your skin area and apply a numbing cream where stretch marks are visible at least half an hour before the treatment. It is necessary to disinfect the dermaroller by dipping in isopropyl alcohol for 10 to 15 minutes.

You need to roll the dermaroller on your stretch-marked area of the skin in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions for 10 to 15 seconds in each direction. It is necessary to lift a roller after every turn to make micro holes in your skin. It improves blood flow and secretes more collagen during the skin healing process. The skin gets thickened and helps to fade away the stretch marks. You need to repeat this process for four to six sessions for effective results. Improved collagen also boosts the elasticity of your skin naturally.

The dermarolling process is a low-risk treatment for stretch marks and can be used at home. You can choose a dermaroller with a needle length of 0.5 mm for this treatment. It is advised to repeat this process three times a week for visible results.

What are the benefits of using a dermaroller?

It eliminates stretch marks on your skin. It restores lost elasticity in your skin. It replaces the old skin with smooth and healthy skin. It promotes the absorption of skincare products. You can buy a 0.5mm dermaroller for micro-needling from a reputed online store.

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