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Sameday Health Offers Virtual Urgent Care In Select States

Today, more and more people are going to urgent care when something goes wrong with their health, instead of visiting a primary care physician. Same-day health support is a good way for people to get their issues addressed quickly, so they don’t have to wait. The length of time it takes to be seen at an urgent care facility is typically pretty short, but waiting for a physician’s appointment can take a long time.

Virtual Urgent Care and House Calls

Now, Sameday Health, a provider of healthcare across the nation, is adding to the patient experience by offering virtual urgent care in some locations. The company also offers house calls, allowing people with medical issues or concerns to see a provider in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Founded due to the pandemic, the company has continued to grow and expand. Wellness injections, IV drips, COVID testing, and same-day urgent care are all part of what Sameday Health provides.

Reduce Anxiety and Improve Support

For some people, there’s a lot of anxiety around medical appointments and waiting rooms. But being seen virtually to receive personalized and immediate care is an excellent way for these patients to reach out to doctors. There are two main services that are offered through the virtual urgent care option, which are Cold + Flu, and Travel.

Getting better faster is the goal of the Cold + Flu service, with treatments and information that can improve clients’ lives. The Travel option offers information on packing medications for a trip, how to prevent issues like seasickness or altitude sickness, and COVID precautions for specific areas of the country and the world.

The Benefits of Virtual Care

There are many benefits to getting virtual urgent care from Sameday Health. The unlimited access to medical professionals and their support is one of the biggest reasons clients use the service. It’s possible to have a video call with a provider nearly anywhere and can be extremely beneficial for people in rural areas, where in-person medical care may not be as easy to access.

Additionally, convenience is a big part of the benefits, too. Sameday Health can make it easier to get diagnosed with an illness like the flu, without leaving the house and exposing others to the virus. People with busy lives, those who don’t drive, and others who can’t get into the office quickly can also get the benefits of virtual care.

Getting Care is Easy With Sameday Health

The website and app for Sameday make it easy to connect with them quickly and efficiently. The appointment is booked with a few clicks, and they’ll spend time in a virtual waiting room via Zoom, before having an appointment that typically lasts around 20 minutes. Prescriptions can be handled through the service, as well. Sameday is revolutionizing the healthcare industry, and the ability of clients to get needed services and support in ways that work for them.

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