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5 Best Heart Hospitals in Hyderabad

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of deaths in India. Among the top risk factors of heart disease include high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and smoking along with other medical conditions and habits that increase one’s chances of developing heart disease. Diabetes, following a poor diet, being obese or overweight, drinking excessive alcohol, or neglecting to exercise to name a few. Taking adequate care of your heart is crucial to avoiding cardiovascular diseases and other associated problems. Here is a list of best hospitals in Hyderabad where you may book an appointment if any issue concerning the heart disturbs you:

  1. Sunshine Heart Institute, Secunderabad

Registering the finest cardiology interventions, surgical procedures, and diagnostics, Sunshine Heart Institute is well-equipped with ultra-modern systems. There’s also a specialized electrophysiology section available for studying the electrical activity of the heart. The institute has two subsections- cardiothoracic surgery and cardiology. The senior team of heart specialists present at the hospital has expertise in addressing patients with heart ailments.

  1. CARE Hospitals, Banjara Hills

One of the finest and best heart hospitals in Hyderabad, CARE Hospitals is an integrated facility with a dedicated team of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons offering comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care to heart patients. The hospital is well-known for handling acute cardiac emergencies. The services range from stent implantation, primary and complex coronary angioplasties, and percutaneous valvular interventions as well as aortic valve replacement. The electrophysiology team possesses vast experience in all types of radiofrequency ablations, pacemakers, electrophysiology studies, device implantations, and resynchronization therapies.

  1. Apollo Health City, Jubilee Hills

Accredited under JCI standards, the Apollo Health City has a tertiary level cardiac care center known as the ‘Apollo Heart Institute’. Not only does it follow international standards in all its procedures but has also conducted the highest number of stentless valve surgeries. It is also the first institution to make use of Mechanical U-Clip for cardiac interventions in the southern parts of India. It also offers telemedicine facilities to remotely placed patients.

  1. Medicover Heart Institute, Secretariat

Medicover Heart Institute has NABH accreditation as the Center of excellence. It is a full-scale cardiac center offering quality care in fields such as clinical cardiology, interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery, and cardio thoracic and vascular surgery procedures. The institution has special provisions for the early detection of heart diseases and has three heart specialty clinics. Cardiac MRI provisions are also available in its nuclear cardiology section.

  1. Continental Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, Gachibowli

Continental Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences is accredited under JIC. It is also NABH accredited and has labs accredited under NABL standards. Covering the entire spectrum of heart care, from diagnosis to rehabilitation, its aim is to improve and prevent the heart health of patients. What makes it stand apart is the utilization of DISCOVERY CT 750 HD- the world’s first high definition CT scanning tool possessing multiple dose reduction features, thereby offering high image quality on a single platform.

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